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Oasis Prayer Ministry 

What to expect during your prophetic prayer appointment

we are not licensed counselors, this prophetic appointment is an individual time of personal prayer ministry where the Lord uses others in the body to speak courage, healing, and affirmation into our life through "words of knowledge and revelation." You will not be given any directive words telling you where to move, how many children you will have, or whether you should make that job change.

Before your appointment 

if you have a cell phone that has a built-in voice recorder, you may want to record your appointment.  You will enjoy the option of being able to play it back.  Please practice using your voice recorder before you arrive for your appointment.  We do have paper available so that you can write down what you remember about the prayer time after your session. 


The process 

Arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time.  Sit in the sanctuary and use the time to soak in His presence, listen, pray, journal, and worship. Please no visiting.  Someone will greet you when it is time, and lead you into the prayer room. The team members will introduce themselves. You will not be asked if you have prayer need. The team members will then pray silently and wait, listen, and then speak what they think God is saying to you today. 

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